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Cushing’s Decision App



Clinical signs 1 - weight, appetite, thirst, and urination

Clinical signs 2 - appearance and behaviour




Endocrine diagnostic tests

Results for

Degree of influence

Less strong
Very strong

Supportive of Cushing's

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Not supportive of Cushing's

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IMPORTANT: To achieve an accurate and meaningful result, full case details (signalment, clinical signs, haematology, biochemistry, urinalysis and endocrine diagnostic test results) should be entered.

Ask yourself what the most severe abnormalities are and which features are having the biggest impact on the quality of life of both dog and owner. Consider whether Cushing's can provide a unifying aetiology that accounts for all the features or whether you should consider other alternatives or concurrent disorders.

To personalise the results for your own cases, you can add additional features to each category by using the text fields above.